A Journey through Memory

The Memory Streetcar reminds us of the ability of Medellín’s residents to overcome the pain and fear brought by the war between the drug cartels. Photograph: Medellín Mayor’s Office.

The Tranvía de la Memoria (Memory Streetcar) goes around the streets of Medellin, reminding us of the events that marked the city’s history and paying tribute to the victims of narcoterrorism.

One of the carriages of the Ayacucho Streetcar in Medellín has a message of resilience and transformation that acknowledges the capacity of the city’s residents to overcome the pain caused by the narcoterrorism attacks.

If they take the Ayacucho Streetcar, all the users of the Metro System can travel on this journey that takes us through the history of pain and resilience in Medellín.

The Metro System joined Medellín Embraces its History with a series of images that acknowledge honesty, bravery and effort as values that were maintained in society despite the fear instilled by narcoterrorism in the eighties.

The people who take this carriage will go on a memory tour and will learn about the human quality of its protagonists; people who lost their lives defending their ideals and social values. This experience contributes to the construction of a new discourse that instead of viewing the drug traffickers as brave, puts the victims on center stage.


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