Terrorist Attacks in Valderrobles Urbanization

In the first attack, they used a Chevrolet Sprint loaded with 80 kg of dynamite, which was stolen on December 23, 1992. Photograph: El Mundo

The second car bomb used a Renault 9 which spent around one month parked in space 64 in the basement of Valderrobles Urbanization. Photograph: El Mundo

In a lapse of ten days, residents of the Valderrobles Urbanization were victims of the explosion of two car bombs, which killed five people, injured more than 40 and caused countless material damage.

At 10:10 pm on December 28, 1992, just as a police car was passing, a car bomb loaded with 80 kg of dynamite exploded in front of the Valderrobles Urbanization, in west Medellín. The policemen Luis Eder Ruiz and Gonzalo Orozco and a civilian died in the incident. Six people were injured.

The material damage was calculated to be around COP 400 million. The explosion destroyed the Uniroyal service center, four vehicles and a restaurant.

Tragedy Repeats Itself

Ten days after this attack that shook the city, Valderrobles was in the news again. On January 7, 1993, at 10:40 pm, a Renault vehicle with around 100 kg of dynamite exploded in parking space no. 64 of the basement of this residential complex with 108 apartments. At least 40 people, including four children, were injured.

We all lose with terrorism. I don’t know what is happening, why they want to finish off Medellín and its people, (…) No one is going to come out winning here”, said Juan Gómez Martínez, Governor of Antioquia.

The blast destroyed more than 40 vehicles parked on the underground floor and in open-air spaces. Furthermore, it caused damage to the doors, windows, bars and columns of the apartments, which amounted to around COP 375 million.

An Unexpected Event

Moments before the explosion, Óscar Nelson Jiménez and Henry Alexander Toro, two young men aged 22 years, arrived at Valderrobles. Days before they had rented parking space 64 with the intention to repair their vehicle, which had broken down. According to some witnesses, the men intended to detonate it in another part of the city, but when they were leaving, it exploded, killing them immediately.

The two attacks that affected the Valderrobles Urbanization showed that the war did not let up and that citizens could not feel safe, even in their own homes.


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