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The www.medellinabrazasuhistoria.com website aims to remember the history of drug trafficking experienced during the last three decades of the 20th century in Medellín and the rest of Colombia. This website is part of a project led by Medellín Mayor’s Office, Trébol Comunicaciones and Taller de Edición with a group of Colombian companies committed to the same aim: To make visible the victims of narcoterrorism, tell their stories, pay tribute to them and together accept the pain that this dark time left us so we can overcome it and move forward. This is an informative website and all the content posted herein is made available to users interested in the topic.
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The Medellín Mayor’s Office fully respects the users’ right to privacy and applies the measures indicated below regarding any information provided or obtained about the users of this website. To share their stories on this website, users must previously provide certain personal information. The information requested may include their real or made-up name with the aim to post the events that people would like to make visible through the website. We clarify that this activity includes prior moderation by the team of the Medellín Embraces its History project. The stories that users share will receive an email from the project to analyze their relevance and subject them to an editing process before posting them. All material shared by the users through the Tell us Your Story form, created for said purpose, will be used for the development of the stories we post in the Untold Stories section. For said purpose and pursuant to the law for the protection of personal information or habeas data, we will request authorization to use the data provided. However, the Medellín Mayor’s Office shall not be held responsible for the quality nor the origin of this content, as it is our interest to provide a place on the website in the Untold Stories section for people to pay tribute to the victims of narcoterrorism, who are close to them but perhaps unknown to many.
People use the website under their full responsibility and accept that the Medellín Mayor’s Office is free from the following liabilities and guarantees, giving them the greatest scope that the law permits: The Medellín Mayor’s Office does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the website’s operation. When it is reasonably possible, it will give prior notice of interruptions to the website’s operation. Additionally, it will not guarantee use of the website and its services to carry out any particular activity, nor guarantee its infallibility. In particular, although not exclusively, it shall not guarantee that users can effectively use the website or access the different webpages that comprise it. Medellín Embraces its History cannot in any case assume liability for the other websites with a hypertext link from the www.medellinabrazasuhistoria.com website, and it cannot accept any liability for the content, products, services and other items available on or through said websites. In no case may the Medellín Mayor’s Office be held liable for direct or indirect harm and, especially, material damage, loss of data or of the program, or financial damage resulting from access to or use of this website or any website to which it is linked. The Medellín Mayor’s Office is not liable for any virus that could infect your computer or other property from access to use or browse the website, or from downloading any material, including texts, images, video or audio from the website. The Medellín Mayor’s Office is exempt from any liability for damage or harm of any nature that may be due to the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that the users make of the website and of its services. The opinions published by the users on the website do not commit the Medellín Mayor’s Office in any way.
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