Kidnapping and Murder of Lisandro Ospina Baraya

On March 31, 1993, Lisandro Ospina Baraya was killed during a rescue operation by the Special Operations Group of the Colombian Police (GOES, for the Spanish original).

At 6:30 am, after the Colombian Police received several phone calls reporting the presence of armed people in the Normandía neighborhood in Bogotá, a group of undercover officers arrived at the house in which the grandson of the former president Mariano Ospina Pérez was kidnapped.

When the police officers tried to enter, the kidnappers started to shoot at them and in the confrontation, Ospina was killed. Four of the kidnappers were also killed in the event. One of them was carrying a grenade, which he did not manage to launch.

The Kidnapping

Lisandro Ospina’s body was face down on a bed in one of the rooms on the third floor of the house. His legs were tied up.

On December 18, 1992, Lisandro Ospina was kidnapped in north Bogotá by 15 men, who took him at gunpoint on an unknown path.  According to the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, the kidnapping was Pablo Escobar’s revenge for the statements by Rodolfo Ospina Baraya, the brother of Lisandro Ospina Baraya, to the DEA about the Medellín Cartel’s drug trafficking activity.


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