Inflexión Memorial Park

Medellín Transforms the Memory of Pain into a Place for Living

To pay homage to victims like in important parts of the world, Medellín will now have a memorial park on the land of the old Mónaco Building, which will remember the 46,612 victims of the narcoterrorism that affected the city and country between the seventies and the beginning of the 21st century.

With Inflexión Park, we confront memory, and we acknowledge and honor all the victims of the violence of drug trafficking.”. Carolina Henao, architect.

Inflexión Memorial Park will be Medellín’s place to remember the victims of drug trafficking, to come together, to recover memory and to honor life. It is a place to remember our history, to give it a new meaning from the perspective of those who died in the war between the drug cartels and to make a joint commitment for it to never happen again.

The Concept

Talking about inflection means thinking of a change in direction of a process or movement; in this case of a place. This is the proposal of the memorial park: To build a place for reflection and memory for the city on the site that was a symbol of violence and despair, the former home of the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.

Three Moments

This park will be a turning point between what the city was during those years of pain, unease and death, and what it will become from now on. The architectonic proposal includes three settings.

The Essence:
The path of heroes. A place with messages of the victims who faced the horror of drug trafficking and that will emphasize values such as honesty, good judgment and justice.

The heroes who will be remembered on this path include magistrates, politicians and journalists assassinated for performing their duty of combatting drug trafficking.

The park’s center. There will be an interactive memorial wall to remember the 46,612 victims and to show the scale of the city’s pain during those years. This place will allow citizen appropriation at different times of year. Citizens will be able to put flowers, candles and other items there that constantly transform it and give it life, so those who died are not forgotten.

The wall pays tribute to the victims who died and to those who survived, and it reminds citizens of the impact of the hate and violence during the years of the narcoterrorism war.

An urban forest to leave behind the horror of the violence. Here, the invitation will be to find yourself, reflect as a society and be reborn from the pain in order to build new paths and to celebrate life.

The vegetation and diversity of this place facilitate reflection on where Medellín is going and the challenges it faces as a society to not repeat its past.

As well as being built as a tribute to the victims of narcoterrorism, this park will enrich Medellín’s history and will contribute to the pursuit of truth and justice.

The Architects

The architects Germán Tamayo Osorio, Carolina Henao Salazar, Tomás del Gallego and Felipe Zapata Flórez are in charge of the project, winners of the public competition to build this place.