An Adolescence Troubled by Drug Crime

Clara Botero shares the story of her youth and how her desire to enjoy this part of her life conflicted with her fear of falling victim to a terrorist attack.

I was 17 years old and I was just starting my social life as a teenager. My parents used to let me go out with my boyfriend despite them fearing for my life. However, showing great bravery, which I only understand now, they used to tell me to take coins with me for a public telephone and to call them when I arrived at the place I was going to and before coming home.

A week before what happened at the Oporto Bar, I had been there with my boyfriend. We often used to go there or to Casa Verde. But as fate would have it, on that June 23, we decided to go to a friend’s house in San Lucas, where we heard the gunfire. Two people we knew died in the massacre and to this day, I still wonder how my parents let me enjoy my adolescence like other teenagers, knowing that we were living in the most violent city in the world.