Hotel Intercontinental Bomb

The attack occurred three days after the presidential elections in which César Gaviria Trujillo of the Colombian Liberal Party was elected. Photo: El Colombiano.

The attack was committed against a company of the Cuerpo Élite, comprised of an officer, a non-commissioned officer and twelve policemen. Photo: El Colombiano.

On May 24, 1990, in a spate of attacks against units of the police’s Cuerpo Élite, The Extraditables detonated a bomb in front of Hotel Intercontinental in Medellín.

Eleven people died and 20 were injured in the explosion. The blast affected the electricity connections and caused estimated damages of COP 200 million.

At 5:20 pm, the Cuerpo Élite detected a suspicious truck at a police checkpoint on Las Palmas road in front of Hotel Intercontinental. When searching the truck, they found a load of 100 kg of dynamite and when they tried to deactivate it, the driver detonated the explosive. That day, another hitman attack was reported against two officers who were providing a security guard service at the headquarters of the Liberal Convergence political group.

Relentless Attacks and Threats

The attack close to Hotel Intercontinental was the third committed against units of the police’s Cuerpo Élite in the Aburrá Valley between April and May 1990. The first was on April 11 on El Pandequeso Bridge, where a vehicle was blown up when a convoy of the Cuerpo Élite was passing, killing 14 people. A dump truck parked in La América sector was blown up on April 25, when a group of officers was passing, killing four people.

On May 25, a day after the attack, some subjects activated a bomb in front of the Ovni Building, owned by Pablo Escobar, injuring three people and causing damages estimated to be around COP 30 million.


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