Car Bomb in El Poblado Neighborhood

A Car bomb exploded in front of Los Corales Building in El Poblado. The attack injured two people and caused numerous damage.

This car bomb was the first to be detonated in the area of El Poblado. Between November 9, 1992, and January 26, 1993, seven vehicles exploded in different parts of Medellín.

In the early morning on January 26, 1993, a Mazda 626 car loaded with 80 kg of dynamite exploded in front of the building where the liberal politician Orlando Vásquez Velásquez lived. The vehicle had been stolen just a few hours before in the city.

Despite the scale of the explosion, the only people injured in the blast were a 13-year-old boy and a security guard. The detonation affected the windows and doors of fifteen residential complexes and the damages were estimated to be COP 50 million.


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