Assassination of Judge Ana Cecilia Cartagena

After receiving several threats, the judge Ana Cecilia Cartagena was assassinated by hitmen of the Medellín Cartel. This crime demonstrated that employees of the judiciary were in the drug traffickers’ sights.

On October 20, 1980, Judge 50 of Criminal Proceedings, Ana Cecilia Cartagena, was assassinated by Pablo Escobar’s hitmen on Avenida Oriental in Medellín. The event occurred after Colombian Congress approved the Extradition Treaty.

Pablo Escobar has only one place in history, crime. He was responsible for the nightmare that the country went through at the end of the seventies, when he ordered crimes such as the assassination of the brave judge Ana Cecilia Cartagena”. El Mundo, December 2, 2013.

They had threatened to kill the judge on several occasions. That is why she had requested protection, but it was not granted. As a result of this crime, the judicial power of Medellín went on strike for two days and the 42 magistrates of the High Court handed in their resignation.


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