Assassination of Chief of the Police Criminal Investigation Section Fernando Posada

Un día antes de su muerte, el comandante de las Fuerzas Armadas, el General Ramón Emilio Gil, había exaltado la labor de inteligencia de la Policía.

At around 3:30 am on December 19, 1992, approximately 60 armed people traveling in ten vehicles detonated 20 kg of dynamite at the entrance of the home of Captain Fernando Posada Hoyos in El Nogal neighborhood, in west Medellín.

“Several of the men who planted the bomb made their way through the rubble looking for their victim’s body to finish him off with R-15 firearms.” El Tiempo, December 20, 1992.

Fernando Posada died on the spot and José Ancízar Buitrago Muñoz and Carlos Eugenio Romero Colorado, his two bodyguards, were injured trying to save his life. During their escape, the assassins shot at a police car on its way to the crime scene. To protect themselves, the six officers jumped out of the car. The non-commissioned officer Bernardo Moreno and officers Eduardo Gómez Romero and Gilberto Serrano Ramírez were injured.

The Drug Lord’s Son

Juan Guillermo Henríquez, Juangi, and Julián David Gómez Hernández, who confessed to participating in the crime against the police officers, said that Escobar’s son coordinated and was present at the assassination of Captain Fernando Posada Hoyos. According to this version, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao had led the operation together with his father from a truck.

Captain Fernando Posada inflicted several blows against the Medellín Cartel. These actions resulted in more than one plot to kill him. Days before, on December 14, a car bomb exploded close to Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín aimed at him. The head of intelligence escaped unharmed, but three civilians died.


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